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How does UltimateReadingMachine help Runners?
  • Do you want to listen to your books or notes when you run or walk or fall asleep?
  • We got an MBA degree from University of California with mostly listening
    to the material rather than reading.
  • Often you can find, better material than your text book or your instructors notes on the web for free!


Features of interest to the Runners
  • Converts Web pages, word, PDF documents to Audio for use with CD/MP3 player.
  • Reads Web pages, word, PDF documents Out Aloud on the computer.
  • Zoom and Magnify Web pages, word, PDF documents as they are read.
  • Highlights words as they are read to make learning easier.
  • Alarm read feature can read any document at a specific time.
  • Scheduler feature can import and create audio at a scheduled time.
  • Can create several audio files with just one click
  • Enables you to exchange the created audio with your friends.
  • One click regeneration of audio books.
  • Generates audio Table of Content with one click.
  • Spider feature Imports all links in a web page with one click.
  • Removes pictures, ads and let you concentrate only what is important the text.
  • Comes with several Voices for free (about 30).
  • Provides fine control for Speed and Volume.
  • Remembers your preferred voice, speed